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10 Questions with Beatrice Kornek-Percin

When did you join LFT?

In July 2022.

How did you first learn about LFT?

I got to know about LFT through my husband. He is a software developer and is with company from the beginning.

What do you do at LFT?

Project management office and Project manager.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently focusing on a development project in which we are preparing for ASPICE L1 and L2. At the same time, I am working in a small team on the integration of Allegra, as a new project management system.

What is special about working for LFT?

I came to LFT from a large company and currently enjoy the short decision-making processes and the opportunity to try out new tools.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Spending time with my husband and kids, walking with the dog, reading, playing the piano and computer games.

What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I love capoeira.

If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you pick as your mentor?

Albert Einstein.

What one food do you wish had zero calories?


What places have you lived in?

Neubrandenburg, Wismar, Glasgow, Tokyo, Hamburg.