First development contract from German premium car manufacturer

March, 2020 - LFT has won its first contract from a leading German premium car manufacturer.

We develop software specifically for this customer that is required for the use of LiDAR sensors in autonomous vehicles. For this purpose, laser beams scan the environment of the vehicle. By reflection of the laser beams, obstacles and other road users are detected. The parties have agreed not to disclose further details of the contract.

CEO Christian Meyer: "With this contract in the field of laser-based high reflection measurement, we have achieved a breakthrough with a major automobile manufacturer. LFT has measurement and design processes developed in-house as well as generic laser beam guidance concepts. This enables us to exactly meet customer-specific requirements. Autonomous driving must become as safe as flying. We transfer the understanding of safety, innovation and networked thinking from the aviation industry to the automobile of the future. For us, this first order is both a sign of confidence and an incentive for the next steps.

Hensoldt awards contract in the aviation sector

April 2020 – LFT has won a consulting contract in the aviation sector from the German technology group Hensoldt.

LFT's experts support the company in the further development of systems designed to make helicopter flying safer in poor visibility conditions and in complex environments such as urban areas or in the mountains.

CEO Christian Meyer: "With this order, LFT is going back to its roots, because our origins lie in the aviation industry. The fact that our know-how is also in demand by a much larger technology group shows that we are able to close gaps with our range of services when it comes to the rapid implementation of sophisticated solutions".

Federal Ministry of Economics nominates LAKE FUSION Technologies for an innovation program

March 2020 – LFT has received a six-figure sum from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy that supports our product development. The funding comes from the "Central Innovation Programme for Medium-Sized Companies", which supports young and small innovative companies in particular in important research and product development projects.

LFT will use the funds to develop products for detecting small, dangerous obstacles using LiDAR sensor technology for safety in autonomous driving.

CEO Christian Meyer: "The research funding as an individual company by the Federal Ministry of Economics is an award and a real success for our still young company. Safety is the central topic in autonomous driving. We want to ensure that the high standards of aviation are transferred to the road and, thanks to the funds from the innovation program, we can intensify our product development".

MassTech Inc. contracts LFT for product improvement of a mass spectrometer

Dezember 2019 - LFT has been commissioned by MassTech to carry out a product improvement in the image processing of their mass spectrometer (AP-MALDI).

MassTech Inc., based in Columbia, Maryland USA, is a privately held analytical instrumentation company that has specialized in AP-MALDI, a mobile applicable mass spectrometer for research and development.