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Continental commissioned LFT to supply the LFT reference system for recording time-synchronized, georeferenced camera, LiDAR, RADAR and INS data.

LFT is contracted by ZF for its first series contract. LFT product ASPP TigerEye® supports ZF’s people mover’s AD Level 4 system product towards full autonomous driving.

CARIAD contracted LFT to test and evaluate their LiDARs on LFT’s reference system through appropriate driving tests.

Audi ordered a LiDAR-Reflectometer from LFT which determines the angle-dependent reflectivity of surfaces at 900 nm.

Proof of concept for Airbus.

ZKW contracted LFT for data recorder application for recording time-synchronized georeferenced camera, LiDAR, RADAR, and INS data.

LiDAR data investigations into the filtering of Halo effects from LiDAR point clouds.

LFT’s service consists of LIDAR testing and evaluation of Innoviz Technologies’ LIDAR performance and artefacts.

LFT has won a consulting contract in the aviation sector from the German technology group HENSOLDT.

LFT is proud to be a part of the very important SafeADArchitect research project, alongside such renowned partners as Intel Deutschland GmbH (Intel Germany), Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), FZI Research Center for Information Technology, ANavS GmbH and Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH.

LFT has received a fund from German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to develop products for detecting small, dangerous obstacles using LiDAR sensor technology for safety in autonomous driving.

LFT has been commissioned by MassTech to carry out a product improvement in the image processing of their mass spectrometer (AP-MALDI).

LFT signed contract with Hitachi Astemo for LFT’s Environmental Perception SW ASPP TigerEye®.

AVL commissioned LFT for lane and object detection.

Mercedes commissioned LFT to test and evaluate their LiDARs on LFT’s reference system by conducting of appropriate driving tests.