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Environmental Perception System

Enviroment Perception


The LFT product Environment Perception is the holistic system for recording the vehicle environment and transferring it to the downstream vehicle system. It contains corresponding sensors HW (e.g. LiDAR, camera, radar) for the acquisition of the scenery, process software for the acquisition of the scene understanding on the basis of the respective data (both AI-based and deterministic) and fusion processes which are required for the functional safeguarding of the environment perception. The latter is a prerequisite for safe operation and thus certification of a vehicle with a higher level of autonomy.


The functional decomposition, the selection of the sensor technology and also the structure of the processing chains and fusion procedures must be adapted to the reliability and safety requirements of the “intended function” to be delivered. Here, too, mutual monitoring and support (“Doer – Checker” principle) of dissimilar sensors is a prerequisite for a complete provision of the “intended function”.

Reference System

LFT provides a Reference System for recording time-synchronized and georeferenced raw data from automotive sensors.


It consists of a scalable HW/SW recording platform which currently records sensor raw data from 4 LiDARs, 4 cameras, two navigation systems and one RADAR with sub-µs resolution.


The angular calibration of the recorded sensor data is so good that the resolution of the sensors is not degraded.


The Reference System is primarily used to obtain raw data for the development and validation of our LiDAR Perception products.


It is also applicable to optimize sensor calibration and performance monitoring procedures. Due to its scalability it is also predestined for the rapid validation of new sensor technology.


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