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„Solutions beyond perception“

Environmental perception that goes beyond recognition using sensor technology

As a deep-tech company, we build on the expertise of our experienced engineers, providing innovative products and comprehensive development and consulting services related to software and algorithmic procedures for self-driving vehicles.

Our goal is to integrate aviation safety technology into the world of autonomous driving.


LAKE FUSION Technologies offers safety-critical product solutions for environmental perception. Our solutions use rule-based algorithms as well as fusion of data from various sensor technologies for autonomous vehicles. Our portfolio covers everything from system design and software development to final validation.

Safety Critical Software Application

This product group includes the LiDAR Perception and Data Fusion sub-categories:

TIGEREYE® is a modular software suite for processing LiDAR data. It includes an end-to-end LiDAR data processing chain for environmental perception and monitoring.

Designed to give people a clear and comprehensible overall picture in real time, MentisFusion® enables the integration and preparation of sensor data – including fragmented and in some cases contradictory inputs. Fusion is designed to ensure safety and it is vital for obtaining approval for use on the roads.

Environment Perception System

This product group includes our full range of perception and reference systems for software and hardware components.

Our holistic software and hardware perception system records and processes environment perception data before transferring them to the downstream vehicle control system.

LFT’s reference system is an end-to-end tool chain for recording and processing environmental perception data collected using LiDAR, camera and radar sensors – the tool also operates flawlessly in adverse weather conditions.

LiDAR Service

Our design-calculation-test-validation tool is a comprehensive LiDAR engineering suite that supports LiDAR sensor configuration. The features offered by the service include LiDAR simulations, optimisation of the optical and electrical pathway to reduce disruptive effects, and smart receiver management.

Developed in-house, our LiDAR reflectance meter forms the basis for our unique LiDAR measurement service, which enables measurement of optical backscatter from various scattering bodies.

Safeguard of System

LFT’s safety envelope delivers a comprehensive safety concept, which is essential for gaining approval for autonomous vehicles. We employ established aviation sector procedures that cover every part of the system safety engineering process chain.

Visualization & Framework Tool (VFT)

This scalable visualisation software processes recorded 3D sensor data, as well as data from other sources, in real time, generating images as required for visualisation purposes.

Supporting pilot-secure autonomous driving is our mission.

Our experience in the aviation industry has given us a wealth of expertise in safety, innovation and joined-up thinking – and now we are applying it to the vehicles of the future.

Our aim is to safeguard the performance of today’s driver assistance systems, supplementing them with LiDAR technology.

Building on this approach, we develop performance-safeguard and safety-critical systems and applications that are helping us to play a pioneering role in making mobility safer and more reliable – while also conserving resources.

Which means that LFT is laying the foundations that will make autonomous driving just as safe as flying.

Christian Meyer
CEO LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH


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Our corporate story: dynamic and experienced

LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH was set up in Markdorf (Baden-Württemberg) in 2018 by a group of former Airbus employees. The company’s three senior managers and team of experts have decades of experience of developing comprehensive systems for environmental perception in the aviation industry.


Our goal: making safe autonomous driving a reality


Building on this extensive experience, we take aviation technology and integrate it into driverless vehicles.


Thanks to our decades of experience, the company is a trailblazer and the leading provider in the industry.

Our name says it all

LAKE: Our company is part of the high-tech cluster near Lake Constance, close to Germany’s border with Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein


FUSION: We integrate data from various sources to achieve controlled autonomous driving


TECHNOLOGIES: We combine our long-standing expertise and know-how with the agility of a start-up


The integrated management system for quality and information security at LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH is ISO 9001 certified and has received the TISAX® Label

TISAX® is a registered trademark of ENX Association.