Environmental understanding which goes beyond the perception of sensors.

We offer comprehensive products as well as development and consulting services around software and algorithmic procedures for autonomous driving.

Our portfolio ranges from system design and software development to final validation.

Our Products

Safety Critical Software Application

The SCSA product group is divided into two areas, LiDAR perception and data fusion.

In the product area LiDAR-Perception, LFT offers SW modules for L2+ systems up to L5 for self-driving vehicles, which provide performance assurance and enhancement of LiDAR sensors, especially under extreme environmental conditions.

The SW modules are based on deterministic algorithms and thus provide a higher integrity level.
The Data-Fusion product area delivers SW modules that combine information from independent functional chains and dissimilar sensors to improve performance, especially data integrity.

Environment Perception System

EPS is divided into Reference System and SW&HW Perception System. With the Reference System, LFT offers the complete tool chain for the acquisition and processing of environmental perception data based on lidar, camera and radar sensors, even under adverse weather conditions. The data is recorded time-synchronously and geo-referenced.


The SW&HW Perception System product is a complete system for capturing the perception of the environment and transferring it as a model to the downstream vehicle control system. It contains corresponding HW sensors (LiDAR, camera, radar, etc.) for capturing the scenery, process software for obtaining the scene understanding based on the respective data (both AI-based and deterministic) and the required fuse of protection, which enables road approval.

Safeguard of System

With the Safety Envelope, LFT offers a holistic safety concept based on the system architecture, which enables certification for autonomous vehicles. LFT represents the proven safety and risk assessment procedure from aviation, which is regulated in the automotive environment by ISO26262 and ISO21448 (SOTIF). LFT covers the entire process chain of system safety engineering, starting with the definition of the intended function, continuing with the functional hazard analysis (FHA) and ending with the safety concept and its system architecture.


Another focus is the protection of the AI – Performance stream.

LiDAR Service

LFT offers a comprehensive LiDAR engineering
service for the design of LiDAR sensors. This service includes
LiDAR sensor design, LiDAR simulations, reduction of interference effects by optimization of the optical & electrical path, smart receiver path, smart receiver management, etc.


With our in-house developed and produced LiDAR reflectance meter we offer a unique service to measure the optical backscatter of different scattering objects (traffic signs, vehicle paint, etc.).

Visualization & Framework Tool (VFT)

The VFT is a scalable visualization software, which is able to replay and process recorded 3D sensor data synchronously in real time. The V-SW offers the possibility to generate a RAW fusion of arbitrary sensors and can provide arbitrary representations for visualization and is used for automatic annotation of objects. At the same time the LFT LiDAR Perception modules are integrated in the VFT and can be evaluated. There is also the possibility to connect further data sources to evaluate fusion methods.

Our mission is pilot-safe automated driving

“Autonomous driving must become as safe as flying. We transfer the understanding of safety, innovation and networked thinking from the aviation industry to the automobile of the future.


The way to get there is to safeguard the performance of today’s driver assistance systems supplemented by LiDAR technology.


On this basis, we develop performance assurance and safety-critical systems and applications in order to make future mobility safer, more reliable and more resource-efficient as a pioneer.”

Christian Meyer
CEO LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH

OUR Strengths

The airplane is the safest means of transport in the world. LFT has decades of experience in aviation. We are the first to transfer this expertise to the roads. This way, LFT is creating the conditions for autonomous driving to become as safe as flying.




The expert company LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH (LFT) was founded in 2018 in Markdorf (Baden-Württemberg) by former employees of the Airbus Group. The 3-member management team and the growing team have decades of know-how in complete systems for environmental perception in aviation.

In light of this range of experience it is about the software development and implementation from air to road.

The goal: Real, autonomous driving.

We are striving to transfer the high safety standards from aviation to autonomous driving. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 1.3 million people die in road traffic every year. Many millions more are injured. Our technology helps to prevent accidents caused by driving too fast, reacting too slowly or being inattentive, for example, and thus to save lives and maintain the health of millions of people.

LFT, a new company with decades of experience, is the leading supplier in this field as a trailblazer: 

  • LAKE = A reference to the High-Tech Cluster Lake Constance, where the company is located
  • FUSION = This is about linking data from different sources to control autonomous driving
  • Technologies = The interplay of start-up character with agility combined with the know-how of many years of expertise

Our Location

LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH
“Solutions beyond perception”

Schießstattweg 15
88677 Markdorf

+49 (0) 171 476 2058

Chief Executive Officer
Christian Meyer