Information on data protection during test drives for the development of secure algorithms for autonomous driving


Thank you for your interest in our test vehicle and our company.

Below we would like to inform you about data processing in connection with test drives for the development of safe algorithms for autonomous driving.

In order to be able to develop safe, i.e. reliable algorithms (procedures) for future autonomous driving, time synchronized 3D data with a so-called LiDAR and RADAR as well as 2D camera data are recorded with our test vehicle.

Since the methods to be developed must function reliably in all traffic situations, data is recorded both in urban traffic and on overland journeys. In the sense of the DSGVO as personal data, only the camera data is relevant due to the resolution and the wavelength range used.

The camera has a limited field of view in the direction of travel.

The camera data is anonymised after the recording so that, for example, vehicle license plates or faces are no longer recognisable. Only then is the data made available to the developers. The data is only used for internal process development and is not published.

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