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LiDAR Service



The LFT team has more than 20 years of experience in the design of Airborne LiDAR sensor technology which our customers can access. Among other things we advise you on the following topics:


  • LiDAR sensor design, LiDAR simulations, reduction of disturbing effects by optimizing the optical & electrical path
  • Eye safety analyses according to DIN EN 60825
  • Environmental and EMC hardening & qualification of LIDAR sensorsSmart Receiver Management with focus on increasing accuracy and suppressing atmospheric effects

LiDAR Measurement

LFT’s LiDAR reflectance meter measures the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) in specific angular relationships. BRDF measurements are usually performed by specialized test houses or institutes.


For most materials, few backscatter values are available in the literature. If at all, usually only the angle dependent scattering at perpendicular illumination, are given. For oblique incidence, usually no measured values can be found.


With our LiDAR reflectance meter we offer a unique service, which makes it possible to measure the optical backscatter of different scattering objects (traffic signs, vehicle paint, etc.).


Parameters of LFT’s reflectance meter:


  • Wavelength 885 nm
  • Laser Class 1
  • Full measurement accuracy at 10 kLux of ambient light
  • Native resolution 0.01% (wrt 100% Lambertian)
  • Relative accuracy 0.1% at R=10%, 0.2% at R=100%
  • Native Measurement range 0% – 250% (0% – > 20000% with attenuators)
  • Absolute calibration with reference targets possible
  • Angular scan over the probe surface from 2° – > 95°, better than 0.1° absolute position
  • Spotsize @ 90° 28mm x 6.8mm (10% )
LiDAR Measurment