Autonomous driving: The B 31 (Federal Highway 31) as a test track

Thanks to the great support of the Deges company, LFT was able to use a bypass highway of the city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, which is currently being completed, for an extensive test program of environmental perception.

An LFT vehicle equipped with radar, laser and camera systems was used on the highway for several hours to detect small relevant obstacles.

The aim of this test series is to identify and evaluate relevant dangerous obstacles from non-relevant harmless obstacles (false positives). More than 50 approaches on euro-pallets, brooms, fast food bags or grass tufts were carried out at three different speeds. In addition, the aim was to gain further insights into whether the obstacles are detected in time and whether the systems react correctly.

Please also take a look at the DEGES press release (german)

As safe as flying - Automobilwoche (german)

Klaus-Dieter Flörecke from the German magazine Automobilwoche talks to Christian Meyer, CEO of LFT, about the benefits of lessons and experiences from aviation for autonomous driving.

The complete article in the Automobilwoche of 22 June 2020 can be downloaded here as a PDF (german)

Interview by Schwäbische Zeitung

The Schwäbische Zeitung, represented by Mr. Simon Siman, interviewed LAKE FUSION Technologies about their business activities.

With the headline "Safer without a driver", CEO Christian Meyer showed how former Airbus experts want to promote autonomous driving with aircraft technology.

The Swabian newspaper has a circulation of around 210,000 and covers a large area of Baden-Württemberg.

The entire interview can be downloaded here as a PDF (german)

Marketing Community Bodensee

The Marketing Community Lake Constance - MCB (Marketing Community Lake Constance) had its first event in 2020 at LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH in Markdorf near Lake Constance.

Under the heading "From 0 to 100", CEO Christian Meyer presented the founding history of LFT.

The auditorium with well over 40 participants was enthusiastic about the future technology of autonomous driving and its challenges.

"A Markdorf company shows what cars can learn from planes" - Südkurier

We were very pleased to welcome Mrs. Sandra Markert, journalist from Südkurier at LFT on February 19th. She interviewed us in detail about the history of our foundation and our mission to make autonomous driving safer. According to our motto "Pilot safe through road traffic".

The complete article with the headline "What cars learn from airplanes" was published by the Südkurier on February 26th, 2020.

The entire article is available online in the business section of the Südkurier.

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