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The LiDAR service offers comprehensive technical support during development as well as outstanding expertise in the validation and test procedures of LiDAR sensors. This service includes, but is not limited to, development consulting. LiDAR sensor test and validation, LiDAR performance simulations, clutter reduction, intelligent receiver management, etc.


The LFT reference system is a platform to time synchronously and geo-referenced record multiple dissimilar automotive sensors to provide the data for perception development. Due to the high scalability of the system, it is also used for rapid validation of new sensor technologies.


Safety and Risk Assessment Procedures (ISO26262 and ISO21448)

LFT masters the entire process chain of system and software safety engineering for the aerospace and automotive industries. This know-how is the basis for our approach to sensor data fusion for safety-critical applications (Integrity Assurance to Safeguard AI).

Perception Validation

Perception validation is based on a holistic understanding of the multimodal sensor system, signal processing and fusion systems combining different data sources.

LFT provides expert solutions for performance simulation, qualitative and reproducible testing and data recording after V-model development, and expert validation of perception systems based on a realistic environment using selected scenarios of ODD (Operational Design Domain).

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